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I’ve been working with Concord Translation since 2013. They have carried out translations for us in over 13 languages. The translations were always ready by the deadline, regardless of the extremely strict time limit. Concord has always prepared fast, precise and high-quality target documents. I recommend them to other companies as well.
Nóra Vadász- Monsanto
Their work is always precise and they are highly flexible regarding all our needs. The technical and legal documents translated by Concord are always of very high quality, both in technical and linguistic terms. It should come as no surprise that we are absolutely satisfied with their work.
Dóra Uray, Sales Manager- EvoBus (Daimler)
EGIS Plc. has been working with Concord Translation since February 2005. (…) They have translated several medical texts for us. They managed to meet the deadline every time and the quality was always impeccable. We are looking forward to working with them in the future as well.
Dr. Imre Szentpéteri - EGIS Pharmaceuticals Plc.
Concord Translation does technical translations to a very high standard and at reasonable prices, taking into account our special needs to the maximum extent possible.
Péter Reuss- DI Hungary
I have tried a number of translation agencies before but I have found Concord Translation to be the best. They respond to our e-mails and calls straight away, and work quickly and precisely. There is no need to correct the target language documents and I can forward them without hesitation.

Once I asked for a Czech-Hungarian interpreter. Our Czech business partners couldn’t tell if the interpreter sent by Concord was a native-born Czech speaker or Hungarian! I can only guarantee this feeling of calmness with Concord Translation. I cannot imagine working with another agency.

Orsolya Litkei Office Manager- SMC Hungary
I have been working with Concord Translation since April 2013. They have led translation projects for us on a monthly basis. They carry out translations quickly, even if the deadline is tight. The quality of their work is always splendid, and should we ask for a change for any reason, they immediately respond to our needs.

I recommend Concord Translation with confidence and sincerity to everyone who considers customer-centricity, speed, accuracy and flexibility essential.

Andrea Mezei, HR Coordinator- Fabory Kereskedelmi Kft.
We have been working with Concord Translation since 2011. They usually translate work instructions related to the printing industry and instructions for use of various machines from Hungarian to English and vice versa. Our texts are almost always full of technical, printing related terms. Concord Translation had no trouble translating these terms. They meet the deadline every time. In fact, most often they send the translations earlier than expected. We are looking forward to working with them in the future too.
Dávid Cservenka, Manufacturing Manager- RR Donelly
West Bridge Kft. has been working with Concord Translation since June 2010. We have asked them to translate documents on a number of topics. These assignments involved several languages, including English, Czech, Slovakian and Russian. They readily helped us when we needed French or German interpreters. To sum it up, their work is always precise and they are never late. We recommend Concord Translation to everyone with confidence.
Zoltán Stogicza, Managing Director- West Bridge Kft.
Panalpina Magyarország Kft. has been working with Concord Translation since May 2008. In most cases we ask them to translate official documents from English to Hungarian and vice versa. They have also translated several German and Bulgarian texts of various length for us. We are satisfied with the quality of their work, both technically and linguistically speaking. They are always friendly and helpful with us. We are looking forward to working with them in the future and to maintaining a good business relationship with them.
Györgyi Németh - Panalpina Magyarország Kft.