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We had our first project with Humansoft back in 2007. They mainly charged us with the translation of IT texts. We have also interpreted at their negotiations several times.


We have translated contracts and logistics-related texts since 2008. The source and target languages are English, German and Romanian.


We have been working with the company for more than 10 years. We translated the first contract for them from Hungarian into English in July 2003. Since then, we have helped them with more than a hundred projects.


We have translated pharmaceutical texts for the company since 2005. They have ordered English, German, French, Portuguese and Chinese translations from us.

Antenna Hungária

Antenna Hungária has, on numerous occasions, charged us with very urgent work. Usually, either the target or source language is English. The translation of market analyses and contracts were among the projects we completed them.

Aquis Informatika

Most often the company orders the translation of IT texts, tenders and contracts. We have had more than 20 projects with them.

Ilcsi Szépítőfüvek

The company has asked us to interpret at their great annual event for many years. We have also provided interpretation equipment many times.


Over the past two years we have worked regularly for the company. They have usually asked for our help when submitting tenders and concluding contracts. Most of the documents in these projects are technical texts.

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