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How to order Concord Translation services:

If you like our translation agency and want a quotation, please send an email to info@concordtranslation.com with the following content:

  1. – – Customer data: name and seat of the company, name of contact person, fax number, email address
    You can also use our quotation request function.
  2. For translations:
    – attach the text that you would like to have translated
    – include the source language and the target language
    – give us the date by which you would like us to prepare the translation
    – the last step is to give us the purpose of the translation, whether you want proofread translation which we recommend for general purposes, or edited translation which we recommend to use for press materials and contracts.
  3. For interpretation:
    – please give us the source and target language
    – the location of interpretation
    – the duration of interpretation
    – the technical language required
    – the type of interpretation (simultaneous/consecutive)
    – and whether you would like us to provide equipment for simultaneous interpretation.
  4. Once your quotation request has been processed, we will send you a quotation within two hours.

5.    If you accept our quotation, we will send you an order form by email or fax, which with the following information:

For translations:
– if you did not give us an exact deadline when ordering the translation, we will provide a precise deadline as close as possible, but still at our base price
– the discount you are entitled to
– the surcharge (due to an extremely short deadline or an extremely technical text)
– in almost all cases the final price of the translation based on our rate per character OR
– our rate per character, which we will use to calculate the final price (only if the number of characters of the source text(s) cannot be measured)

For interpretations:
– the exact price of interpreting broken down into cost items

  1. Please send us back the order form signed and marked with the seal of your company via fax or in scanned form via email.
  2. The transfer invoice will be sent to you in e-invoice form or by post if e-invoice is not a possible option for you.

Thank you very much for choosing us and for putting your trust in Concord Translation.