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Concord Translation Agency’s mission

Quick, polite service and sound professional work. We are continuously developing our Translation Agency to get the same or similar feedback from all of our clients after every translation project. Any market that is oversaturated with service providers allows only those companies that set themselves similar goals to survive.

Since we started, we have had an important goal: to run a translation agency that our clients like to contact and where our colleagues also feel happy. Where in-house employees do not come to work nervous and anxious. Where vendors do not need to worry about whether or not they will get paid. Where maximising profit is not the one and only goal.

Making the least possible impact on the environment is also an important thing to us. We do our best to be a green office.

Company history

November 2014

PROFORD is admitted to EUATC

Our Association was admitted to EUATC (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies). It is PROFORD who represents the interests of Hungarian translation service provides in this organisation.

PROFORD is founded

PROFORD, the Hungarian Association of Professional Language Service Providers, is founded. We are founding members of the Association. The Association was founded mostly by former members of the Association of Hungarian Translation Agencies (MFE).

Concord Translation Agency

Our Translation Division outgrows its limits and starts to work as a separate company. We start this new life with a lot of energy and ambitious plans. The Translation Agency does not move to a new seat, our Translation and Language Teaching Divisions continue to mutually support one another.

Translation Division

 Translation and Interpreting are split and start working as separate divisions. Our partners contact us with mostly English translation projects. Division head: Mr. András Zsolt MUHI. The system allowing professional translation and interpreting services is set up.


Concord joins the MFE (Association of Hungarian Translation Agencies). This is where we meet the heads of the best translation agencies in Hungary. We acquire a lot of experience and do a lot of networking.

New seat

The growth of the organisational team of the language school makes moving to a larger office necessary. The new office – where the two companies have been working ever since – is located at Pusztaszeri út 70/C, in the 2nd District of Budapest.

New seat

The language school moves to a new seat. It sets up its office – a converted apartment – on Németvölgyi út, located in the 12th District of Budapest. National Bank of Hungary, MOL Rt., PANNON GSM. These are some of the partners to whom we provide onsite language training with nearly a hundred language teachers.

Demand for translation

The good relationship between the language school and its clients yields more and more translation projects. We start to set up our freelancer and proofreader base.

Concord Language School

Foundation of Concord Language School. We called it Concord because our largest client during the early years was Hungarian Airlines. Our language school provided language training to 1,200 employees within the limits of 800 hours of intensive group trainings.
January 1st, 1983

Talentum Language School

With several language teachers, Mr. Lajos KURCZ founds Talentum Language School. According to the possibilities for entrepreneurship of the age, it is registered as an economic labour cooperation by the Court of Company Registration.

Csapatunk tagjai


He has been working in the Concord company group since 1999. For many years he worked as the Deputy Managing Director of Concord Language School and was the leader of the translation branch. He is co-owner and managing director of the translation agency that was founded as a separate company.


She has been working in the Concord company group since 2017.


He graduated from Pázmány Péter Catholic University as translator and interpreter in 2015. He completed Concord Translation’s training programme which helped him integrate easily into the team. He has a good sense to choose translators and editors, he proofreads translations and uses computer-assisted translation tools effectively.


Production Manager
He joined our team at the Translation Agency in 2017.


Customer Service Manager
He has been working at Concord Language School for more than a decade, where at present he is Deputy Managing Director. He helps Concord Translation in networking.